Legal Writings Anthology Vol-9


Stok 255


This book is written due to the request of numerous parties, institutions and organizations that wishes to know about Indonesian legal system and legal framework. I have published numerous books in the form of ‘Legal Anthology’, but most of them are in Indonesian, with numerous English legal writings scattered in those numerous anthology legal writings. In this particular book (volume 9), all of the English legal writings (in volume 1 to 8) that I have written are specially compiled in a systematic manner.

I hope that the publication of this book will help foreign lawyers and institution to have insight and gain knowledge of Indonesian legal system and also exposure to my firm’s legal work. I would like to thanks Ms. Haghia Sophia Lubis S.H., LL.M. for helping me in editing this particular book. This book is written with the help of numerous parties whom which I might not have mentioned, and for that I would like to apologize. It is my sincere aim that this book will help the development of Indonesian legal system and foster relationship and understanding between countries that intends to cooperate in legal matters with Indonesia.


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